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Über mich

I´ve dedicated myself to the breeding, training and selling working stockdogs for their use i.e. in dairy, cattle and sheep farms, for private cattle and / or sheep owners, etc..

Dogs that are partners in everyday life, but also a reliable worker who gets the job done.

That´s where the name comes from:

 "Get It Done Border Collies"


It all starts when I was a kid... dog sitter and dog walker....Protectin Dog (SchH/IPO), Mondioring in Switzerland including a 2 week clinic in San Francisco/USA with my German Shepherd, running my own Dog Training Center / Dog School for some years in Ludwigsburg  and Ammerbuch (Lessons, Clinics, Dog Training). With Mantrailing and Stock Dog Training, dogs are and have always been a huge part of my life...

Due to my QP Western Store and the Horses and Horse Shows ( , I could not spend as much time for training dogs as I wanted, but still working with dogs has always been a part of my daily work.

I started using and working with Stock Dogs back in 2011, when my husband bought his Border Collie "Mikey".

Due to the suitability of Border Collies to move Livestock, it was pretty obvious to combine working my Cutting Horses and using a dog to move the cattle for me, asap.

In 2016 I importet ".45 Peach", a female Boder Collie from the United States, which is my Co-Worker on the Ranch handling our Livestock and being my "Turn Back Dog" when training my Cutting Horses.

I acquired and extended my knowledge and skills in innumerable, several-week trainings with trainers in the USA, as well as at various clinics and trainings in Germany / Europe.

Throughout my stays in the United States and participating in various Stock Dog Clinics and Trials, I met and learned + still meet and learn from people having decades of experience in Ranch Work, working and training Stock Dogs / Sheep Dogs.

I will continue to visit clinics with different trainers,

´cause  in my opinion, it´s the same as training horses:

You´re never to old or too good to learn and you never know enough!

I offer stock dog training on sheep and cattle for herding/stock dog breeds, training of your dog, stock dog clinics with me and external trainers from USA/Europe/other countries.

I breed Border Collies of working bloodlines and sell / mediate stock dog puppies, started and finished dogs .

Whether if you´re looking for an employee" for your working farm (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken, etc.), for herding in your spare time or participate at Int. Stock Dog Trials... I either have or will find the right dog for you.

My dogs for sale are not always if you´re searching, please contact me.  0049-172-6267886 (What´s App as well).

I keep dog broke Dorper Sheep, Forest Sheep and Skudden all year round and from April thru October a small group of cattle for more advanced dogs.

On sheep young or unexperienced dogs get their first experience, learn the basics and building up their self-confidence to get stronger and be a valuable ranch help later on.

I also use the sheep for some fine tuning on more advanced dogs and working all dogs during the winter time, when we don´t keep cattle.

For my training on the ranch I have a 17m diameter covered roundpen, a 20 x 40m inside arena, a 130 x 75m fenced in training field as well as a 2ha and a 4 ha field.


Important notice:

Low stress and respectful handling of the stock is a MUST and absolutely crucial for me! Basic obedience (stop command or call off command) of the dog is required, before working stock.

If needed, I´m more than happy to help you with that!

I will NOT tolerate uncontrolled chasing of my livestock.

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