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I`m breeding Border Collies from working bloodlines.

Since I need strong and trainable dogs to also work tough stock, I importetd my two main dogs (.45 Peach and BC -Hugo) from the USA out of pure cattle working bloodlines.

All of my dogs are used on sheep and cattle, are tested for all Genetic Diseases, are eye tested and x-rayed.

I wanna bred working dogs that are strong and willing to work, but yet easy to train, fun to be around and healthy!

Raising the puppies right combined with good genetics to me is the way to give them the best start they can have, for what they´re born to do.

For that reason, they grow up in the Living Room with family connection, but also learn to stay in the kennel for a few hours during the day when old enough. They also get to meet strangers (dogs and people), going for walks around the ranch, etc..

All my dogs are tested for the following genetic defects:


The results of the tests can be found in the information boxes of the individual dogs.

(More information about the genetic defects can be found here: )

Good X-Ray results + good results of the parents´ eye examination are very important to me as well.

The pups will get ABCA and/or ISDS papers, will be wormed, vaccinated, chipped, will have an EU-Passport and will be eye checked before heading to their new homes.

Dogs out of my kennel are working cattle and sheep and are doing exceptionally good so far. They have a big heart, are brave, a nice balance and a great feel for stock.

You´ll be able to purchase them as a Puppy, and sometimes as a started or as a fully trained dog. For pups out of my kennel, you´ll also get a discount for training, boarding, etc..

If you have question, please feel free to ask, I´d be more than happy to answer!

Planned Litters


GID Reba      X       Jim

(Heat expected June/July 2024)

Puppies will have ABCA and ISDS papers


More information about the parents under "My dogs".

If you are interested or need more information, please feel

free to contact me:

Cellphone / What´s App / Signal   +49-172-6267886 



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